everyone wants it. no one gets it.

Feedback. Your company may say it's a feedback environment. Chances are though, you still have some sacred cows - topics that just don't get discussed, creating frustration, resentment or decreased performance. Or maybe it's not a sacred cow but a sacred person, the one who no one really holds accountable. Or maybe you say you're developing your people, but they don't think you really care. Very few organizations succeed in building cultures of radical peak performance.  The difference between the world-beaters and the rest is almost always culture. And the most important part of any culture, is how people talk to each other - how much do they feel like they can tell the truth? How much do they think they hear the truth? 

Max Anderson offers a powerful approach for revolutionizing the culture of your organization to increase engagement, creativity and retention of stars. From the simplest one-day workshop, to systematic engineering of processes and internal communications we can help you unlock the power of your people.